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Logo of an einkorn plant white on green

(Triticum Monococcum)

One of the only grains in the world that has not been hybridized or genetically modified.

Ancient Einkorn

What is it?

Einkorn grain is an ancient grain or considered the original wheat of man. Its botanical name is Triticum monococcum it has the simplest genetic code of all grain varieties with just 1 genome and 14 chromosomes. Einkorn has an extremely low glycemic index and has a very low gluten level. It is an ancient mineral-and-vitamin-dense, high protein grain that is very different from the 42-chromosome wheat that most are familiar with today. The Einkorn stocks grow tall and slender growing at an average of 4 feet tall. The Einkorn grain berries are oblong with rounded edges. They are protected by a strong husk or chaff that clings to the kernels. Einkorn has long hair-like tassels that easily wave the stocks in the wind.

“When I was in the mountains with my father, he would always say, “Listen to the sound of the wind-the call of a wild animal. Look at the tracks; what animal is it and where is it going? Watch the trees and see how they move. Look at the shape of the seed or the plant that grows from it. Nature will always tell you what’s real-she’ll always tell you the truth.”

-D. Gary Young

logo of an arm flexing to show the Stealth Super Food Whole-grain einkorn, still in its original structure that easily takes the lead in nutrition.
Picture of einkorn crunch in its packaging, open on a table with some grains coming out of the bag.

The Stealth Super Food

Whole-grain einkorn, still in its original structure, easily takes the lead in nutrition. This ancient wheat is probably one of the most nutritious grain that has ever been grown. Even today, no other grain shows the nutritional value, the balance of proteins, and a glycemic index compared to white wheat flour. It is loaded with the essential nutrients and antioxidants including lutein, carotenoids, iron, potassium, zinc, riboflavin, and vitamins B6 and A. What’s more, it’s also high in fiber.

drawing of unhybridized grain naturally growing with no-GMO

Ancient, unhybridized grain, just as nature made it

Drawing of a flower and a 100% sign to show that our einkorn is free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives

Free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives

Grain of salt being poured to show that einkorn is seasoned with ancient sea salt.

Seasoned with ancient sea salt

A drawing of a bicep flexing as a symbol of good source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals

Good source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals

Drawing of a Non-GMO logo to show our commitment towards products with no genetically modified organism.

Nut free, vegan friendly, and non-GMO

Drawing of an Heart-healthy Avocado

Heart-healthy Avocado Oil


Remi P.
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Really good. You can taste how farm-to-table the product is, no additives no preservatives and it shows.
Paul W.
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Very tasty! Better for you than other similar products on the market. Highly addictive!
Cory H.
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Simply amazing, ingredients I understand that taste fantastic! Finally, a snack I trust!
Calie W.
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As a mother of four young children, I’m always in search for a healthy snack my kids will love, and I feel confident in giving to them. With clean, healthy ingredients, and a tasty flavor like this, it’s bonus for my kids and a win for me! We love snacking on Einkorn Crunch!
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Einkorn Crunch is perfect with just the right crunch for a light snack, also the flavor is perfect and not too salty.
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Einkorn crunch makes a good snack. Similar flavor to corn nuts, but eats like unshelled sunflower seeds.