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In 2019 Young Living donated 11,597 Acres to Create a Conservation Easement this is the largest conservation easement donation in the history of The Nature Conservancy’s Utah chapter. The donated property, located in the Uinta Mountain foothills near Tabiona in Duchesne County, plays a pivotal ecological role to native wildlife. The land serves as a migratory corridor nicknamed the “Utah Serengeti,” due to the large herds of elk and deer migrating between our summer and winter ranges.

The easement includes seven miles of the Duchesne River, two mountain ranges and sage brush habitat that provides a haven for endangered greater sage-grouse. Conservation Easement also ensures the preservation of ancient Native American petroglyphs carved by the ancestors of the Ute tribes. The land held special significance to Young Living Founder D. Gary Young, who named it the River Ranch. Gary grew up in the mountainous wilderness of Idaho. He always loved spending time with family and friends on mountain adventures. Preserving this beautiful part of Utah is a legacy grounded in that passion. Gary had a deep love of nature and wild places, which is why Young Living is committed to preserving and protecting vital habitat for wildlife, as well as for current and future generations to enjoy.

A Wild Turkey flying over Skyrider Ranch wildlife sanctuary

We are grateful to The Nature Conservancy for working with us to protect this special place. We also appreciate the support we received from the citizens of Tabiona, Hanna and other surrounding communities. In Gary Young’s honor, Young Living dedicated the property as the D. Gary Young Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is one of several commitments Young Living has made to honor Gary’s legacy and its ongoing commitment to sustainability.


With every purchase you make, you are supporting our efforts in the conservation and protection of the the Desert Bighorn Sheep.

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